CFAS has 
OR: 4 General Surgery Rooms + 1 Local room, GI: 5 Procedure Rooms. CFAS offers state of the art equipment and highly competent staff that provide quality patient care in a relaxed environment. New to the Center, for our physicians, is Command Health, an electronic web based system for dictation, editing and signing off operative reports.


If you are having surgery under general or monitored anesthesia care (MAC), a registered nurse will call you 2-5 days prior to your surgery. The nurse will take your medical history and ask for a list of your current medications and dosages. Please have a list of your medications and doses readily available. If you were required by your physician to have pre-testing (lab work, EKG, chest x-ray, medical clearance) prior to surgery, they should be completed within the following time frame.

Lab Work: within 14 days of your surgery
EKG, Chest x-ray: within 90 days of your surgery
Medical Clearance: within 30 days of your surgery
Our anesthesia department, in preparation for your surgery will review all this information.


Adults: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery.
Children: (age 2-8) may have clear liquids (water, apple juice, broth)
up to 4 hours prior to surgery.
Do not chew gum, eat any candy or mints.
You will be instructed by your physician about taking certain medications prior to surgery. These medications might include diabetic medications, diuretics, and blood thinners.

If you any questions, the pre-testing nurse can be reached at 716-677-4400 ext 331.


Your visit to the CAS is scheduled by your physician’s office. When you arrive at the Registration desk you will be asked for your photo ID, insurance card and any money due at time of service. We will also collect any paper work that you may have been given by your physician’s office. This may include a consent form or a medication reconciliation form. Your registration paper work will be verified by our receptionist for accuracy and you will be seated to await a call from our Pre-Op RN.


When called into pre-op you will meet your pre-op, OR RN, Anesthesiologist and your certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). You will be taken into a bay where you may be asked to change into a hospital gown according to your surgery. Your RN will confirm your consent, procedure to be performed, site of surgery and side if applicable and have you sign your operative consent. Your surgical site will be marked by your surgeon. Your current medications will be confirmed as well as any medications that you were instructed to take the morning of surgery. An intravenous (IV) will be started by your RN to administer fluids prior to and during and after surgery. You may also be given medication by your RN or Anesthesiologist to help you relax and may possibly make you sleepy.

It is IMPERATIVE that your driver be present at the time you are ready for discharge. When you are prepared for surgery the pre op RN will call in the person who accompanied you to sit with you until surgery time. Our visitor’s are limited to two per patient due to privacy concerns and space constraints. When you are ready for surgery your family/visitor will wait in the discharge waiting room where they will be seen by your surgeon post op.


After your procedure the nurse will transport you to the Recovery Room and give a status report to the RN to transition your care smoothly. You will be closely monitored by our nursing staff and physician.
• Your recovery room stay varies per physician and procedure performed. Average length of stay is 30 minutes.
• An RN will monitor your vital signs, (blood pressure, pulse and respirations) and oxygen may be administered according to your physician’s orders.
• When stable you will be given a beverage. Your family/visitor will be able to join you at this time.
• Your RN will review all post-op instructions with you and the person accompanying you prior to discharge from the CAS.
• Your doctor will see you prior to discharge.
• You MUST have a driver to take you home or your procedure will be cancelled. It is IMPERATIVE that the driver be readily available (on site) when you are ready to be discharged from the Center.
• Be certain to follow you physician’s post-procedure instructions and call their office if there are any questions or concerns post-op. If you are feeling your post procedure status is of an urgent nature please go to the nearest emergency room.


Visitors are to wait in the waiting room until called by the Nurse.
Please do not bring any more than 2 visitors with you the day of your procedure as space is limited and our commitment to our patients’ privacy is imperative to the CAS.
Please do not bring small children to the waiting room.
There are vending machines with beverages, candy and snacks located in the hall.